Dr. Aphinita, world leader for love, peace and humanity
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Jul-24 तारिख 08:26 बिहान

Kathmandu- Her Excellency Dr Aphinita Chaichana is a Global Commander in Chief of United Nations Peace Keepers Federal Council. Dr. Chaichana was born in the year 1982, in Nakhon Phathom in Thailand. Being the youngest among the 6 siblings and having to lose her Father at the age of 9 was not easy for her. Life was full of Challenges considering not having a strong background to support her and her family as she was growing up. But this challenges and hurdles made her stronger and made her realize the reality of life and the harsh life that people go through. She was determined and had strong will to spread peace, love and kindness.

She has devoted her entire life and continues so to preach and spread the word of love, peace and humanity. Also being a Religious Buddhist; it groomed her in a way that peace comes by giving and sharing. Challenges and hurdles were many towards her path to where She is today. She had sleepless nights trying to figure out the best way to help and spread peace and humanity to the community and the world. She works tiredlessly day and night due to the global time zone differences and try to adjust with the needs of the people around! Her humble beginnings, determination and not giving up attitude specially when She almost thought it is impossible was what makes her a true leader today.

Her hard work, struggle and determination of never giving up has finally paid off. Today She’ve collaborated and worked with almost all the top most influential leaders of the world; including the President’s and Prime Ministers of several countries including Prominent Religious Figures. She being the true follower of United Nations has represented various General meetings of various SDG’s of United Nations.

In past many years she has been invited to various countries as the Chief Guest to share her story and inspiration to the young leaders of tomorrow. She is a person who believes strongly on action rather than just words. She preaches what She does and She believes that it is the best thing that She been doing till date. H.E Aphinita is being loved by people around her because she believes that you are what you do.

Ambassador Datuk Dr. Aphinita Chaichana  She has played very major roles in working projects related with Peace & Humanity for the people of Thailand & various other countries globally. She also has good relations with many various NGOs & IGOs registered in UN ECOSOC as in General & Special Consultative Status.


Today as the president of UNPKFC, (United Nations Peace Keepers Federal Council) She and her team focuses on spreading peace wherever they are across the world, irrespective of cast and religion. She believes that humanity is above all. She also believes that one day whole world will gain complete peace for betterment of man kind & Society.

As UNPKFC works  for humanity, social services &  development,  she is moving ahead with esteem desires  to achieve determined goals in a dedicative manner. So far, she recently has appointed Social Activist & senior Tourism Entrepreneur  sir Tejendra Sharma Poudel from Nepal as a Senior Advisor of UNPKFC. VITOUN President Poudel himself is highly praised & motivated through wishdom & leadership skill of Dr. Chaichana and has honored her excellency as a Global Chief Ambassador of VITOUN. Also she is a senior advisor of Bagmati UNESCO club, Nepal. 

Also, she has Visited Nepal several times & is regarded as a true lover of Nepal. As a social leader, human rights activist, development Promoter & Peace seeker Dr. Chaichana  has also been working for Nepal with cordial supports.